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Roadmap to URF


The Uganda Road Fund was established with the objective of financing routine and periodic maintenance of public roads in the country; and ensuring designated agencies in the exercise of their functions relevant to public roads under any enactment. The Road Fund would facilitate the maintenance and improvement of a very important infrastructure that is key to the Uganda’s continued economic development and which plays a pivotal role in Government’s poverty eradication efforts.

By ensuring stable and regular financing, the Road Fund would contribute to increasing effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of road improvement and road maintenance services.  A well constituted road fund would then support the ongoing commercialization of road management, increase resources available to road maintenance and increase overall efficiency of road sector resource allocation and use.

The Fund would intern manage its business according to commercial principles, to enable effective, efficient and stable road expenditures through the implementation of a system of road user charging.


Time Action
24/01/2007 Cabinet Approval of Principles for creation of the Road Fund
11/07/2007 Cabinet Approval of the Bill
21/09/2007 Road Fund Bill in the Uganda Gazette, No. 52 Vol. C (Gazetted)
28/09/2007 Hon Minister of Finance tables Bill to Parliament for First Reading
31/12/2007 Enactment of Law by Parliament and gazetting of the Act
01/01/2008 Appointment of Board of Directors and Commencement
March 2008 Appointment of Chief Executive Officer and Staff