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June 10, 2020 Dababneh v. Lopez This is a pending defamation case in California stemming from a woman`s allegation of sexual misconduct against a state legislature in a complaint to the legislature and a press conference about the complaint. The trial court said the special motion to strike women under California`s anti-SLAPP law, noting that the legislative process and fair reporting privileges, which protect accurate accounts of official proceedings from libelation liability, do not apply to statements made at the press conference. The defendant appealed the judgment. The amicus curiae letter argues that the statements at the press conference are outside the scope of the law and that a fair report privileges speaking on matters of important public interest. He also asks the Court of Appeals to reject the plaintiff`s argument that the manner in which a Los Angeles Times reporter reported the sexual misconduct complaint somehow means that the privilege of fair reporting does not apply to the defendant`s statements at the press conference. Fair reporting privilege is a strong and important defence that should be interpreted broadly and should include statements to journalists about official procedures and documents. April 1, 2021 Letter to increase legal protection for whistleblowers SPJ has signed a letter calling on Congress and the White House to strengthen legal protection for whistleblowers. It was signed by more than 260 organizations, all of which recognize that whistleblowers who strengthen our countries` democracy, fight abuses of power that betray public trust and catalyze accountability need stronger legal protections. The Hill wrote an article about the letter. Legal Defence Fund auction: participate and bid! You don`t want to miss the opportunity to see the fabulous stories on offer and network with hundreds of journalists for a good cause! Proceeds from the event will go to SPJ`s Legal Defense Fund, a unique account that financially supports journalists who litigate freedom of expression and press freedom. The live and silent auctions will take place at the Excellence in Journalism 2016 conference.

You can help litigate important litigation that protects the First Amendment by contributing to SPJ`s annual LDF auction. For more information and to see a list of the ideas we are asking for, follow this link. July 22, 2020 SPJ signed a letter to members of Congress on July 22 in support of the Local Journalism Sustainability Act introduced by Reps. Anne Kirkpatrick, D-Arizona, and Dan Newhouse, R-Washington, or similar guidelines to help newsrooms with the upcoming COVID-19 relief bill and other fundraising efforts. This global non-governmental organization helps defend the rights of reporters on all continents and platforms, from print to broadcast to web. The London-based group works with a network of legal defence organisations around the world, with individual lawyers and also pays legal fees if necessary. Media Defence gives particular priority to cases where a journalist risks imprisonment or bankruptcy, as well as cases that threaten the existence of a media company. Support is also provided when journalists need legal assistance to assert their rights.

In 2019, Media Defence announced a legal support initiative for fact-checkers. On July 8, 2020, SPJ signed an amicus curiae letter in Price v. Barr. Supports an independent filmmaker who questions the government`s ability to charge fees for commercial filming in national parks and opposes his defense that filming is not protected by the First Amendment. This practice censors speech and violates the First Amendment. About the NFOIC Knight FOI Fund/SPJ Legal Defense Fund The Knight FOI Fund exists to provide financial support in open government prosecutions. It was created to promote and support the prosecution of major access to information cases by helping to cover costs such as filing fees, filings, court fees and other costs related to court proceedings. The Society`s Legal Defense Fund is a single account that can be used for legal or direct financial support to journalists. The Fund`s primary mission is to initiate and assist litigation that enhances public access to government documents and procedures, which may be the most costly way to defend the First Amendment. Due to the partnership with NFOIC, legal costs may also be covered.

The two organizations will also use their combined national networks of journalists and citizens to exert public pressure on government agencies that violate the law. The SPJ Legal Defense Fund was established in 1972 to fight for the First Amendment, primarily for public records and public meetings. Litigants apply for funds and applications are reviewed by a six-member committee assisted by SPJ counsel. The committee may award grants of up to $5,000, and larger amounts are considered by the SPJ Board of Directors. The fund has approximately $75,000 and is replenished through donations, interest and an annual auction. In 2014, SPJ`s Board of Directors approved the creation of an endowment fund that can also be used in the event of litigation.

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