Spalding Handwriting Rules

The Writing Road to Reading program introduces handwritten recordings every year because it is multisensory and is the simplest and most direct way to connect English sounds to written symbols. Click here for recording introduction strategies. Written Phonogram Review (WPR) provides a daily written practice of sound carriers. This journal helps students practice phonogram spelling and focuses on readable writing. Click here to download the Spalding Vertical 5/8 article. The purpose of spelling dictation is to teach students how to use phonograms and the rules of the English language to spell and pronounce words. This process is unique to Spalding. This weekly analysis improves spelling, pronunciation and automatic word recognition. Click here for spelling dictation procedures. Word analysis develops students` knowledge of word structure by analyzing high-frequency words for spelling, English language rules, syllables, and pronunciation. Throughout the word analysis lesson, students should articulate their thinking to support retention and comprehension.

Click here to download a Silent Final E activity. First, students learn phonemic awareness, as it is one of the best indicators of success in reading. Click here to see the AP dialog. Oral Phonogram Review (OPR) provides daily oral practice of sound recordings. This repetition helps students read words accurately and fluently and explore unfamiliar words. Click here for knowledge examples and application questions. High-frequency vocabulary sentence construction develops students` vocabulary by teaching them how to construct sentences focused on the use and meaning of words. Click here to see the sample instructions for the sentence construction template.

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