Side Jobs for Law Students

But don`t worry, we`ve rounded up part-time jobs that fit law students` busy schedules. Keep in mind that some jobs on this list require a heavier workload, but these entry-level jobs are a great way to gain work experience and start your legal career! You can publish a legal blog and make money from it. This is a side activity that you can do as a lawyer. Writing may not seem like a natural extension of legal work as a side business, but there is a great demand for lawyers in newsrooms. Lawyers are often hired to perform legal drafting tasks such as writing legal analyses, briefs, contracts, and other legal documents. As a law student, these legal writing jobs might be harder to lend. However, you could be hired to write: Eventually, once you have listeners, you`ll be able to monetize that audience with sponsors pretty easily. They have a fairly specific audience of potential and current law students, so law schools are willing to pay to make their names known. You can also write a course based on legal issues and sell law students or those already practicing. Petsitting is something friends and family sometimes ask you to do, but did you know that there is a huge market for people willing to pet as a side activity? If you`re interested in freelance writing, there are several ways to get started.

You can search for job offers online or contact companies or individuals directly. You can also create a blog or website to showcase your work and attract clients. You get paid well and get a boost to your annual income with this side hustle and bustle. You can do all sorts of things as a virtual assistant, and you don`t necessarily need to have a lot of experience in the legal profession, making it a great digital business for a lot of people. Did you really do well in the bar exam? Do you think you have a good idea of the skills and topics that are most important for law students to pass the bar order? Are you interested in writing test preparation courses and other materials? Also, many law firms require you to have RA`d before you consider hiring you for an internship, so keep that in mind as well. Of course, because this is such a minor effort, it will also usually pay a little less than other jostling. Most survey websites require you to complete many surveys before getting paid, and only a few of them offer cash payments. Discount codes, gift cards, and other cashless rewards are slightly more common. And what`s even better? You don`t really need to work for these scholarships except to apply for them. If you have experience with legal forms and documents, you can start a side business by selling templates and forms that others can use. This is a great way to tap into a niche market and generate extra cash. To earn extra money while studying law, consider becoming a research assistant (RA) for one of your professors.

The Right Side Hustle allows lawyers to use their hard-earned skills by offering them a flexible way to supplement their income. With the bright side, lawyers can save money or pay off their student debt faster. By choosing a secondary profession in law, lawyers can develop legal skills, build their brand and expand their expertise. Alternatively, a side business that isn`t specific to the law can be a great way to earn extra income while applying different skills. You can become a test preparation coach for law students on the margins. Of course, there is a learning curve when it comes to investing. But once you`ve done your research and developed a solid strategy, it could be a great way to generate additional income from your side business. If you are a lawyer looking for a side business, this article will really help you.

In the context of the above job, this is side work where you help other students connect with potential employers. Law firms, research firms, law agencies, etc. regularly hire law student representatives to talk to other students and attract top talent among them.

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