Short Forms and Long Forms

You`ve probably already learned that you should use long forms like “don`t” when writing and “don`t” when you speak. But there are a few more forms that are too long and short in English than that. Don`t focus on creating longer content. Instead, focus on creating content of the right length and format to achieve your goals (and matches the search intent of search engine users). Indeed, many searches require detailed results and content to cover a topic in depth. This, in turn, requires lengthy content to adequately deliver the best results on the web. You need to consider the length of your content in context, even if the goal is to rank on the SERPs. “This is the first time that three cities have shared first place in the 30-year history of the Economist Intelligence Unit`s annual survey.” [ short forms are sometimes used] There is no general answer to the question “How long should a blog post be?”; You also don`t have to set a minimum number of words as a general rule for each part you produce. A common question we receive is whether it is better to use a longer and more detailed insurance quote form or a short, quick form. The best option may vary depending on the specific needs of your agency. The third question to ask yourself when deciding whether to create long-form or short-form content is what resources your organization has available for content production. It takes time and resources to create great content that is relevant to your customers. Since long and short texts have their positive and negative qualities, your business can benefit from how short texts could interfere with your business goals.

More concise text could lead to negative results: it`s likely that your strategy requires a mix of short and long content across multiple formats, and ongoing analysis and measurement of your efforts will help you determine which areas work and drive success. “I can`t stop the feeling, also just dancing, dancing, dancing… [Justin Timberlake, songs are usually short forms] Long forms (on average) → more information, easier to quote, but less frequentShort forms (on average) → less information, should be contacted to quote, but more common It`s important that you know what a short form actually means when you use it. The simple answer to this question is that yes, the length of your content matters. But this should not be interpreted to mean that longer content is preferable, as it takes the answer out of context. Let`s take the example of an ecommerce category page. It is not uncommon for the best results to have very little content outside of a brief description. Short shapes are short shapes because they are easier and quicker to say, so you can definitely use them to create something more eye-catching in memes and images. It`s about making a connection. Use short shapes if you want them to look like speech, but you can also use long shapes if you want someone to look angry, for example. In principle, yes, short forms are an informal use of language.

Thank you for your reaction Mirjam, it reminds me of new blog ideas. Rhythm (and rhyme) can indeed be very important when it comes to remembering things. And the blurred line between formal and informal is also worth a blog or two. You`re probably used to creating different content formats, from videos and infographics to social, interactive, and other content, but just as you`ve probably established a process to determine the right one, you also need to determine the duration of your content. We rarely use short/contracted forms by name and names. What about the rhythm? I think of memes and stuff, images with a short text (a slogan or a oneliner). Using a short shape can make it more eye-catching, easier to pronounce and remember. Just as there are different types of content (blogs, YouTube, podcasts, etc.) that you can use to reach your audience, there is also a science behind choosing the best text length.

Depending on your users` goals and intentions, you can choose between short content and long content to reach your readers. “I didn`t have any sex with this woman.” [Bill Clinton, who made sure the words were very, very clear and couldn`t be misunderstood. Notice how it says “go to,” short for “go to,” as well as the long forms used as needed for a specific purpose.] You need to create the content that best meets the search query, and it`s not always long-form content. The reality is that any successful content marketing strategy needs to balance both short form and long form to meet the needs and desires of your audience. You can find many search results that show the importance of long and short texts. In fact, a recent SEJ article showed that short content may be better than long content, depending on the goal. In this case, short content and long content should be used together as part of a broader content strategy to increase awareness, inform and inform, and ultimately boost that conversion. This all sounds great, but before you decide to add lengthy forms to an insurance product, consider the trade-off. If a prospect requests quotes from multiple agencies, or if they don`t have much time, they`re more likely to leave your site if they see a long form. We also recommend keeping mandatory fields to a minimum, as prospects may not have all of this information (e.g., driver`s license number, VIN number, annual mileage, etc.). At the same time, there are times when short content has the biggest impact on your marketing efforts: this nearly 7,000-word guide is a great way to show what`s possible and what content can look like. If to have is a complete verb, we do not use the short form.

And let`s also not ignore the fact that the purpose of content is not always to classify organically. Yes, content is one of the main drivers of organic search growth, but it would be naïve to assume that content isn`t created for other reasons, because it is. Just look at how many companies with short content are generating phenomenal growth on their social platforms. The short/contracted forms` and `would have two different long forms: Just as short content has a place in every marketer`s toolbox, the long form has its place. Here`s how to decide whether to use long or short forms in English. First, let`s look at the long forms. Long forms are forms like “Don`t do it” or “I am” or “He has.” If you want to write a blog post about the “best Marvel movies,” you should check out your SERP competitors. You can use Semrush to check the length of your competitors` blog posts in several ways.

Namely: SEO Content Model and SEO Writing Assistant. The abbreviated form is usually a written copy of about 1,000 words. Things like social media posts, blog posts, and emails are great examples of short content. In most cases, longer content works better for organic search than short content. But it`s not just because of the word count. You know your audience better than anyone else, and it`s important to use this information to shape your content strategy and, of course, determine whether they`re the most receptive to long-form or short-form content. However, if your readers aren`t interested in your offering, you`ll probably want to use short content to grab their attention and not stifle a conversion under thousands of unnecessary words. If you`re wondering how long a blog post should be, you know you`re not alone. Our recommendation is to see what your competitors are doing, what ranks on the SERPs and aim for a targeted amount so that you have the best chance that your blog post is doing well.

In addition to keywords, you can also increase the SEO value of your content by using subtitles. This type of formatting is especially useful for longer content, as it splits down long blocks of text and entices the visitor to keep reading. There are very good reasons to opt for long shapes. Use this list to decide whether you should use it. But let`s not forget to mention that this type of content is resource intensive.

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