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Appealed is a fantasy novel that summarizes Emma Chase`s Legal Briefs trilogy. Overall, the series is funny, full of steaming romance, humor and full of heart. The author writes wonderfully from the male point of view like no other author. The back and forth between the main characters of each book, the tension, the head and the love make it a fantastic series. Appealed is the third main book in the Legal Briefs series and revolves around Brent Mason – who I found very interesting in the first book. He`s a good-natured guy with a sense of humor and I really enjoyed reading his POV chapters. Brent had an accident that resulted in the loss of his leg as a child, but I loved the fact that this book doesn`t really make him a self-pitying guy, as is often the case in books in such circumstances. Instead, he is confident, enjoys his life and possesses his success. I also liked the emphasis on the benefits of therapy in this book and how Brent wisely used it to manage his complicated emotions before and after Kennedy`s reappearance in his life.

Waldo was a huge presence in that book and the little nuggets he said as advice to Brent are things I wrote in my journal because they were very helpful. Reading Brent and Kennedy arguing in the courtroom was also fun, especially in the early parts of the book. Brent has this strange ability to be both cool and childish in his wonder, and I absolutely loved it. The romance of defense accusation (not as intense as calling him enemies for lovers) was a trope I didn`t know I needed, and it was so much fun. It was an easy read and there were also lots of funny moments and loud laughter – especially because of Brent and Kennedy`s social circle. It wasn`t really my favorite love story, but there were moments that really shone, mostly because of Brent`s personality. I was supposed to give it a score of 4.5, but it was bumped into a full book ⭐ of 5 because of that beautiful, extended epilogue that connected the three books so well. I`m so in love with this show! 🥰 Overruled is the first book in Emma Chase`s Legal Briefs series. The story begins with two high school lovers, Jenny and Stanton. They`re about to graduate, and Stanton has big plans in mind. He is about to leave Mississippi and will soon join the Ivy League school and later become a lawyer, and Jenny is part of his plans because he loves her. These books were surprisingly heavy, though light.

It`s really hard to describe. I`ve never read a show that had a tone as much as this one. Maybe I just had to meet my expectations? And there you have it, my favorite book in the Legal Briefs series. Sustained is one of the best romantic comedies I`ve read this year and probably never! I finished it in the middle of a day`s work. I feel like I`ve expressed my love for this series, and Sustained in particular, almost everywhere: Discord servers, Twitter book, Bookstagram; I even recommended it to my sister! If that doesn`t tell you much, I don`t know what`s going to happen? 😂 I really enjoyed the audiobooks! They were so easy to hear. Honestly, I probably would have cancelled the DNF if I had read the book instead of listening to it, because emotions helped me understand the dilemma Stanton was in. I`m aware that I rated Sidebarred 5 stars for purely emotional and sentimental reasons – and I don`t care. Sidebarred is an extension of this indulgent epilogue of Appealed. It mainly shows the life of Jake and Chealsea after the 3 main books, with a glimpse into the lives of the other main couples in the series. What should I say? Right. Pure. Servant.

Happiness. ❤ There are many time jumps that the McQuiad children have seen grow and move. The last song with Rory and Jake really moved me to tears because I felt like the circle was closed. It really solidified this series as a believable and multi-layered story as one of the most memorable love shows I`ve ever read; Something I could come back to at any time – and I`ll be happier. In the first book in the series, we were introduced to Jake Becker Stanton`s roommates at the law firm. He is a real feminine man who does not go out, but has casual sex with different women, and he never sleeps a woman twice. Until nightfall, he receives the terror of his life from what he thought was a normal bedside table. He discovers that casual sex is the same as playing Russian roulette and probably he should start dating someone and care more about his sexual partners.

The Legal Briefs Series, also known as Sexy Lawyers in Italian and French, is a trilogy of romance novels by bestselling author Emma Chase. Each book in the series features different couples fighting for their love and a happy ending. Novels can be read independently. If you want another type of contemporary love series (which isn`t as bright but not as dark either), this is a great one for you! I expected the first book in the Legal Briefs series to be mediocre at best (judging by the reviews I`ve read), but I decided to go all the way because I wanted to get the full experience. Overruled introduced us to Stanton Shaw and his band of fellow defenders in Washington, D.C. The story began with Jenny (her childhood sweetheart) getting pregnant, a few time jumps that show Stanton in college, Presley`s first birthday — until now Stanton is a successful lawyer working in DC. Until one day he received an invitation that Jenny would marry someone who isn`t him. All right! She is wonderful!! And the presentation text of this new one makes me laugh. He starts the series with him asking his best friend to help him find the love of his life (and SHE marries someone else). But of course, his best friend, well. She also has a crush on him.

Fight the city with this one for me. Not a fan of Stanton or Sophia. Hopefully, the rest of the series will return to a more endearing Tangled series style. Just too many yukky moments that made me cringe more than laugh. I missed Drew and Kate and the crew. Sigh. Note: The full series, both in ebook and audio, is available for free if you have a Scribd subscription. The rest of the series didn`t seem to have the same heaviness, although the stories were complex and had serious consequences. There`s a pinch of humor and sexy moments that keep things lighter when needed. Many of us are BIG fans of this author`s hilarious “Tangled” series, and she just published book #1 of a fun new love series.

😉 Just like in the first novel in the series, the supporting characters in Sustained are fantastic, especially the judge and Jake`s mother. Both Chelsea and Jake learn how to care for children and overcome various obstacles in their lives. The heroine is beautifully woven. She is funny, intelligent and beautiful and she is caring. Even when everything is whirling, Chelsea and Jake click. The first book in the Legal Briefs series is a beautiful read. Emma Chase has created wonderful characters, both primary and secondary. Stanton is the hero of this story. He is handsome, arrogant, confident, stubborn and honest. Sofia is a Brazilian beauty. She is a strong and independent woman, but as usual, even the strongest women cannot hold the walls when a sexy man infiltrates her defenses.

Sustained is the second book in this series to focus on Jake Becker, the gang`s resident bad boy and DC`s tough defender (well, who in this group of friends isn`t that, right?). It tells the story of Jake meeting Chelsea and the McQuiad brood – which kind of turned his world upside down. The blurb looks charming on paper, but reading it (or better yet, hearing it) was an entirely different experience. This book made me so happy. I don`t usually like kids, but apparently I love reading about them when they`re as adorable as the McQuiad kids. Add in the narrative that was pretty much right. I usually don`t pay too much attention to who tells my audiobooks, but Sebastian York (aka Jake Becker) was such a delight. (Sebastian York swearing in an audiobook = one for books 💯) It`s a series, but I think every book can certainly be read as a standalone book (with the exception of Sidebarred). However, familiar faces are a welcome gesture and this is one of the reasons why the whole story has become so much more enjoyable – so I always suggest reading this in the right order. And benefits if you read it through audio – because the narration in all books adds another layer to the experience. This led me to revisit Emma Chase`s books, and after reading all the books in this series, she immediately became one of my favorite writers among contemporary novelists. Overall, the Legal Brief series is definitely recommended read! Another page on my list for today: Emma Chase`s The Legal Briefs series.

In my review of Romancing Manhattan, I mentioned that after All it Takes, I got into a spiral of legal romances — and that`s what I talked about. The Legal Briefs series was really a surprise and let me tell you what I thought of each book in this series that I absolutely loved: In the third book in the Legal Briefs series, we meet Brent, the last of the team to remain single. Even the prosthetic leg cannot prevent him from being the ladies` man. He is hot as sin, and a serious charmer had no desire to attach himself to a woman, not since high school. But all that changes when he meets Kennedy Randolph, his childhood neighbor. They had almost let something blossom as teenagers, but a misunderstanding ended their romance.

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