Can I Get Legally Married in Italy

Any couple marrying in Italy must fully acknowledge the above before proceeding with a civil/legal marriage abroad, in Italy or anywhere in the world. First of all, to get married in Italy as a U.S. citizen (or as a citizen of another country in the world), you need to understand if you have an official residence in Italy. In this case, you must apply for the marriage prohibitions (it. pubblicazioni matrimoniali) from the municipality of the city where you live or from the municipality of residence of your spouse. While much care and effort has been put into ensuring that the information provided is accurate, please do not accept it as legal advice. I highly recommend that you contact the Italian embassy or consulate for first-hand information about the legal requirements for marriage in Italy. Now let`s talk about the costs associated with marriage in Italy. Italy legally recognizes religious and civil marriages, and couples are also free to pursue secular symbolic ceremonies, although they are not legally binding. Important note on the validity of the Italian marriage certificate in the United States: A valid foreign marriage in the country in which it is concluded is automatically valid in the United States. An Italian marriage certificate is enough to prove your marriage and it is considered valid once it has been legalized by the apostille procedure. The apostille stamp can be requested from the legalization office of the Italian Prefettura, which is responsible for the region where you got married. A complete list of Prefettura`s offices can be found here.

A: Getting married in Italy can be a budget saver by simply choosing the right place and taking the right steps! Your wedding in Italy will go beyond your dreams without breaking a budget! Once you`ve decided that Italy is the perfect venue for your wedding, how do you find the right place? What are the best places to get married in Italy? Marriage bans are necessary to let everyone know that you want to get married; They are a kind of legacy of the past, when they were intended to avoid secret forced marriages. After requesting the prohibitions, they are placed in the main hall of the municipality and are part of the most important municipal document, the so-called Albo Pretorio, a kind of official bulletin board of the city administration. If you are planning a civil or religious ceremony in Italy, you will need to prepare the necessary documentation to ensure that your marriage is legally binding. These documents usually include: The good news? Getting married in Italy is actually very easy! However, there are a few important things you need to organize. From legal requirements to estimated costs and proposed locations, read on for our Guide for Foreigners to Planning a Stress-Free Wedding in Italy. • ITALY MARRIAGE COUNCIL NO. 2 For a wedding in the countryside, avoid the most famous places! Instead, choose to get married in Italy in the less touristy ones like Molise or Umbria, or the villages of the Roman periphery. Not only are these beautiful, private and pristine venues, but also wedding venues chosen by VIP and football celebrities, and the weather is usually sunny and mild for most of the year. Now that you know everything about how to get married in Italy as a foreigner, we wish you a great Italian wedding that you deserve! For example, the town hall fee to get married in Florence “Sala Rossa Wedding Hall” costs more than €2,500.

If you opt for a wedding hall less than 10 minutes away, it will cost you about 350 €! You will still have your wedding in Florence, photos, videos and everything, but without a budget! We offer full legal assistance at marriage in Italy to get the right documents to get married in Italy based on your citizenship, but the whole process can still involve some level of stress and anxiety on your part. • ITALY WEDDING TIP #3 Discover the busiest summer months in the place of your choice and stay away from them! When you get married outside the high season, you not only guarantee the privacy of your wedding, especially for crowded places like Sorrento, Positano or Venice, but you also save as much travel prices, hotels, places, etc. Also avoid holiday weekends for the same reasons. The following information on the legal requirements for marriage in Italy, which I have described below, is only intended to serve as a starting point and guide. We support you with a complete service of legal and religious assistance in obtaining all the necessary documents for marriage in Italy, as well as the purchase, reservation and management of the church / town hall, the deposit of all documents with the Italian authorities, the interpreter during the engagement before marriage and marriage and witnesses (if necessary). A: To get married in a Catholic church, one of you must be Catholic. Another requirement is that none of you have ever been married to a Catholic rite. For all the details about the type of ceremonies in Italy, click here In addition, to be a valid marriage certificate in Italy, the document must include the following: Note: If you are a woman and you are already married, your marriage can only take place 300 days after the annulment of your marriage. While for the wedding by the sea in Italy, getting married in a civil wedding hall just outside Positano or Sorrento, but still along the beautiful Amalfi Coast, can cost you less than €250. If you are planning a destination wedding, your first question might be: Who can get married in Italy? Can foreigners legally marry in Italy? A: Foreign couples can easily get married in Italy nowadays. The Italian authorities require a document called Nulla Osta, issued by your embassy in Italy. Civil marriages and religious marriages require documents that you must obtain in your home country.

The legal documents to get married in Italy vary depending on the country of origin and it is necessary to apply for a Nulla Osta.

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