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If the officer asks for your driver`s license, insurance and vehicle registration, you must provide them so that the detention is as short as possible. If the agent asks you questions, such as where you`re going or where you`re coming from, you don`t have to answer. If the officer asks if they can search your car, you can say, “No!” A good rule of thumb – if an official asks you for something, it`s a good indication that they don`t have the right to do it. That`s why they ask! Email: legal@cbs.dkOffice hours for personal requests: Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm Advocate GeneralMette Kuhlen GullachE-mail: mkg.legal@cbs.dk Due to Covid-19, The legal department is closed for personal requests. Legally can be contacted under legal@cbs.dk and all meetings/consultations take place virtually. CBS Law specializes in explaining to clients the complex legal jargon used in employment contracts or separation/termination agreements. Many employees often sign these documents without understanding all the legal implications of their actions. Employees usually have the option to consult a lawyer before signing, but few people actually do. However, consulting with a lawyer is a crucial step in understanding an employee`s duties and protecting their rights, and should not be overlooked. CBS Law ensures that the Client fully understands the terms of the proposed agreement and provides advice and guidance in relation to such binding contracts. The Viet Tho (Leo) is a Vietnamese citizen who is the founder and managing partner of CBS Legal, LLC. in Vietnam. Leo is a qualified lawyer in Vietnam with over 24 years of legal, tax and professional outsourcing experience in Vietnam.

If the agent asks you to get out of the car, you must comply with a legal order. However, you don`t have to answer questions about where you`re going or where you`re coming from. Keep in mind that the agent is probably filming you with his camera worn on his body, so not only what you say, but also the way you say it (like the confusing language) will be used against you. You can also refuse to perform sobriety tests. “Mr. Bou Saeed did exactly what I had hoped for me. An absolutely professional and friendly person. Very meticulously, I never hesitated to explain things to myself so that I could understand them. I was afraid to hire him because of my financial situation.

But I`m so glad I hired him because he`s worth every penny. From the beginning, his main concern was to help me. I am so grateful that our paths crossed and that I was able to receive his services when I needed them most. Thank you very much, Mr Bou Saeed. CBS Legal, LLC. is a business and financial law firm founded in Vietnam in 2014. CBS Legal, LLC is a dynamic and leading law firm led by a respected lawyer with over 24 years of international and local experience in law, economics and finance. The commitment of CbS Legal, LLC.

and its attorneys to excellent service always reflects our understanding of the client`s business and needs, our in-depth exchange of experience and our innovative solutions for all our clients. CBS Legal, LLC. and its lawyers have a strong professional and ethical culture, integrity and philosophies that best meet the needs of our clients. CBS Legal, LLC. provides a wide range of professional legal, financial and business advisory services to international companies and foreign investment companies in Vietnam. CBS Legal LLC focuses on the following professional services: – Market Entry and Exit Consulting – Legal and Licensing Services – Corporate Secretarial Services – Outsourcing Services – Mergers & Acquisitions – Contract and Risk Negotiations – Contract Review and Drafting – Tax Advice – Commercial and Civil Litigation – Labor and Employment CBS Legal LLC has supported clients in the following sectors and industries: – Manufacturing and Contracting – Trade and Sales – MLM – IT AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS – Engineering and Architecture – Energy and Mining – Real Estate and Construction – Banking and Insurance – Hospitality and Healthcare – Shipping and Logistics Legal provides legal advice and administration to CBS. Nguyen Minh Hanh (Thomas) is a Vietnamese citizen who joined CBS Legal, LLC. Director of Outsourcing Services since April 2016. Thomas is a qualified accountant with over 10 years of professional experience in accounting, tax and payroll, as well as corporate outsourcing. Prior to joining CBS Legal, LLC., Thomas worked for a large second-tier accounting firm in Hanoi, Vietnam, for accounting, tax and payroll and corporate outsourcing services. Thomas is qualified as Chief Accountant and acts as Chief Accountant to oversee and manage accounting, tax and compliance matters for local and international clients.

Thomas holds a Bachelor`s degree in Accounting and Finance from the Banking Academy and is in the final stages of ACCA (UK) and CPA Vietnam. From 2016 to today, Leo is a guest lecturer for the Vietnam Justice Academy/Ministry of Justice for the training of paralegals and junior lawyers in Vietnam. From 2007 to 2010, Leo was official legal adviser in Vietnam for International Enterprise Singapore (www.iadvisory.com.sg) – an agency of Singapore`s Ministry of Trade and Industry responsible for promoting the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies and international trade. Tran Thu Hien (Catie) is a Vietnamese citizen who joined CBS Legal, LLC. from August 2014 as an executive partner. Catie is a qualified lawyer in Vietnam with over 22 years of legal experience in Vietnam. Catie has advised and supported clients in a wide range of legal, commercial and financial services, such as market entry issues, legal and licensing services, secretarial services, contract review and drafting, and labour and employment. Prior to CBS Legal, LLC.

Catie served as legal counsel at the Vietnam State Securities Commission from January 1998 to April 2001 and as legal counsel at the Hanoi Stock Exchange from May 2001 to July 2014. In these roles, Catie handled legal and compliance matters for the establishment of stock exchanges in Vietnam, including legal, accounting and financial requirements for securities companies and listed companies in Vietnam. Catie has also focused on legal, accounting and financial reporting, as well as the disclosure of securities companies and publicly traded companies in Vietnam. Catie holds a Bachelor of Laws from Hanoi Law University and a Master of Business Administration from Griggs University (United States of America). “My criminal trial began with a $1.2 million bail and as the third strike case to face life in prison. A year later, when everything was said and done, my bail had been reduced to 110,000 and my criminal case had been reduced to a misdemeanor. My lawyer was very diligent in explaining the nature of my accusations and the nature of my defence. I would recommend him to anyone who is criminally bound because he is intelligent and very professional. My son and I owe him a lot. T. Leo has advised clients on cross-border transactions, market entry strategies, legal and compliance matters, corporate secretarial matters, tax advice and planning, and workplace compliance. Leo has also assisted clients in various matters related to the management and negotiation of projects and contracts, contract review and drafting, mergers and acquisitions, commercial disputes and dispute resolution.

If the officer suspects that you are driving under the influence of alcohol and decides to be screened, he or she must give you the opportunity for a breathalyzer or blood test and point out that refusing to submit to either will result in a licence suspension. If you opt for the breath test, you can receive a preliminary alcohol breath test on site and another more in-depth breath test in the ward. If you opt for the blood test, they will likely draw your blood from the ward or hospital.

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